Digital India

Digital technologies not only help to communicate with others but they also help to provide us with innovative ways to tackle social problems, are increasingly been used today. This push has been further ushered by Honourable Prime Ministers’ Digital India campaign. Prime Minister Modi envisions transforming our nation and creating opportunities for all citizens by harnessing digital technologies.

In order to make full use of India’s demographic dividend in the age of information technology, there needs to a mechanism by which we can take the larger Indian population out of digital darkness. This can made possible through digital literacy and digital interventions. Digital literacy, would not only supplement schooling and education but also foster employability, greatly enhancing the quality of livelihood possibilities available to youth from marginalized and impoverished communities.

Digital India aims to digitally empower the citizens of the country. However, this programme isn’t restricted to the urban areas but it also penetrates into the rural hinterlands where connectivity and networks are hard to reach. In order for India to be a digital economy, digital literacy is the starting point. This needs to be ushered by digital connectivity, which can be realized effectively if the corporate sector, social sector institutions and the governmental organizations work towards this goal, collectively. The Magic 7 CSR Summit 2017 provides a networking ground to ideate and build better projects to ensure that there doesn’t exist a digital divide in India. To be a part of this transformative journey, do attend the Magic 7 CSR Summit 2017 on 7 September 2017.